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Melty Chocolate Almond Baked Oats Recipe

Tell me that photo didn't make your mouth water... Luckily for you, you can bring that photo to life. Here's a high protein, chocolatey breakfast oats recipe that will help YOU crush your...
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Why is Calcium Important?

We’ve been hearing about calcium since we were kids. Is it only in milk? Is it actually good for our bones? Do we really need it? Wait. There’s an even bigger question. What even IS calcium!? We’re...
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Healthy Chocolate Cookie Baked Oats

Who wants that high protein melty chocolate oats recipe? The Slate fam does it again with a delicious, filling, healthier breakfast recipe. Add some caffeine, add some extra toppings, whatever mak...
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What's the Best Lactose Free Milk?

Have you been trying to find a lactose free milk that actually tastes good? Are you tired of high sugar lactose free milks that lack protein and proper health benefits? Well look no further. We’re ...
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Gluten Free Cosmic Brownie Recipe

Looking for a delicious chocolatey protein treat? Our Gluten Free Cosmic Brownie recipe will be your next go to dessert. Rich, tasty, using all gluten free ingredients, your friends will LOVE this ...
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The 5 Best Pre Workout Drinks

Ok. It’s time. You’ve put on your sleekest athletic gear. You’ve tied your sneakers tight. You’ve finished your work for the day. You’ve cleared your head. You’re ready to sweat. But before you s...
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