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Snack Smarter, Not Harder

We’re all trying to find ways to reduce the added sugars in our diet, so why not start by improving one of our favorites: snacks. Let’s stop feeling guilty every time we reach for a couple of cooki...
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Slate Spotlight: Brian Mazza 

Slate Spotlight is back and excited to introduce you to Brian Mazza. Based in New York City, Brian describes himself as a “father and a husband as well as a Health & Wellness Entrepreneur.” Hav...
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Why Vanilla!?

Chocolate and vanilla are two of the most coveted flavors in the world, for good reason! I mean... they're both freakin' delicious. So after three years of focusing on our incredible chocolate fl...
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Coffee: Why do we love it?

When people talk to me before I’ve had my coffee: We’ve all seen the shirts or mugs that recommend not talking to someone until they’ve had their morning coffee. Meme’s aside, the prevalence of c...
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5 Quick & Easy TikTok Workouts

Working out is a priority in the lives of many, or at least we often want it to be. But a lot of the time, life can get in the way. So we’re going to help you get some exercise without having to wo...
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Slate Spotlight: Juan Manuel Montenegro

In this new series we’re excited to launch, we’re going to be featuring health and fitness-focused Slate drinkers with a look into what they do, and why they choose Slate.  So, who’s kicking off th...
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