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Happy Health Life Hacks

At Slate, health and happiness are everything. Sometimes, colder temperatures can make those harder to manage. So how do we take care of our bodies as the seasons change? Here are 4 ways to protect...
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You asked, We answered

When you hear about Slate being ultra-filtered, lactose free, and naturally sweetened with 20g protein, you’re probably thinking, OMG awesome! Or at least we hope so. But your immediate follow up m...
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4 Ways to Make Halloween Healthier

With Halloween comes an influx of sweets. Delicious? Yes. But unfortunately, many are loaded with sugars and additives. For those of us looking to enjoy the taste of our favorite treats in a slight...
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Coffee Rumors: True or False

If you're like some of us at Slate, you love caffeine. Many of us drink it to wake up and start the day, or to keep going in the afternoon. Regardless of when you drink it, you’ve heard the rumors ...
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 Spice Up Your Slate

With fall comes the changing of leaves, cooler temps, and of course, an array of new ways to enjoy seasonal spices and flavors. So, why not spice up your Slate? Let’s explore the variety of ways t...
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Slate Spotlight: Justin Martinez

Raised in Brooklyn and now based in Long Island City, we’d like to introduce you to Justin Martinez. Unlike our past Spotlights, this 32-year-old Slate enthusiast is a realtor at Compass, selling ...
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4 Fall Fitness Activities

Autumn, fall, or as it’s best known: sweater weather, is upon us. With fall comes scarves, turtlenecks, and the occasional trench coat moment. Not only is it time to dress up and not sweat through ...
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