Four At-Home Workouts to Get Your Blood Pumping

No matter the season, some days, it’s hard to leave home. Whether it’s time, temperature, or comfort, it can be difficult to get outside and get a workout in. So, how do we stay fit on days like these? Here are a few ways to help you exercise and get your heart rate up in a short amount of time, while staying in the comfort of your own home.

Resistance Bands

Colorful and stretchy, you’ve probably been tempted to see just how far they go before quickly learning your lesson on the snap back. Ouch. But resistance bands are great for traveling or for a quick on-the-go workout. They’re lightweight and easy to use with additional materials or on their own. Whether using yourself as a counter weight, or finding a solid anchor in your nearby vicinity, the differing resistance levels allow for gradual growth and strength training. Toning or bulking, these might be just what you’re looking for. Need some inspiration? Check out these channels to learn more about resistance band workouts: FitSimplify, HASfit, or fitbymik.

Equipment Who?

Though covid wreaked havoc on gyms and workout classes, it did lead to a rise in the availability of at-home workout options. With challenges inspired by Chloe Ting and her HIIT heavy workouts, Tiktoks around the world were flooded with videos of users documenting their journeys and progress. From rounds of pushups, sit ups, and mount climbers, to static holds and planks, there are countless exercises to cycle through in your living room to feel the burn. Here are a few videos to get you started: BullyJuice, Pamela Reif, or BodyProject.


Not just reserved for those seeking to connect with themselves and realign their chakras, yoga is a great way to get a mild sweat in. Though the more intense you take it, the deeper the workout, yoga is great for anyone, beginner or pro. Breathe in, breathe out, and relax, simple as that. With a focus on subtle strengthening and elongation, it’s a great way to counter the back issues many face from working at a desk all day too. Not sure where to start? Options like Yoga with Adriene and Aham Yoga are here to help. Turn stress into a stretch and feel the tension slip away.

Throw your own dance party!

Risky Business GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYYes, you can totally throw on some music and just let loose! More than this though, if you’re looking for a structured workout, the options are limitless. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to get down bachata, sway to some salsa, or maybe fully and unironically commit to jazzercise. Simply choose a youtube video with an instructor of your choice and get to practicing. What better time to learn a new skill than while home alone. Once you nail the steps, you’re left with a fun party trick to spring when you’re next out with friends. Better yet, you’ll be happy to know you can burn between 300-800 calories an hour from dancing. More than a calorie crusher, dancing in general is great for strengthening not only your body and improving endurance, but also strengthening your lungs and heart. Here are some videos to get you started: Bachata Dance Academy, Salsaventura, Jazzercise, Inc.

Ready to start your at-home workout? There are endless opportunities to enjoy the perks that come with the comfort of the indoors. Let’s sweat, smile, and while you’re at it, Slate up! 



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Written by Cassandra Catesson

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