Slate Milk presentation
Slate Milk presentation



Stronger People, Stronger Planet

Our goal is to make the world, both the planet and its people stronger. We believe every founder has a responsibility to do everything they can to make their businesses as sustainable as possible. Because of this, we try to avoid plastic at all costs, making rePurpose Global the perfect partner for us!

Slate Milk presentation

Sustainable Sourcing

From sourcing to the shelf, we always put sustainability first. Every can of Slate is packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum cans.

The Plastic Neutral Shift

Building on rePurpose Global's belief that businesses can positively impact the environment and society, we have gone Plastic Neutral. For every pound of plastic used in our packaging, one pound is removed from the planet.

Slate Milk presentation
Slate Milk presentation

Our Goal

We're dedicated to creating sustainable products keeping in mind the earth and it's future. Additionally, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3 & 15 steer our efforts and motivate us to continue to improve on our goals.


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What does it taste like?

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