Coffee Rumors: True or False

If you're like some of us at Slate, you love caffeine. Many of us drink it to wake up and start the day, or to keep going in the afternoon. Regardless of when you drink it, you’ve heard the rumors about caffeine. Read on to discover the 4 caffeine myths we’re going to BUST today. 

True or False: Caffeine causes osteoporosis

Verdict: false. Thankfully, fellow coffee drinkers and tea fans will be happy to hear that recent studies have found that, while caffeine in high amounts can cause a higher discharge of calcium and magnesium in urine, in normal amounts, there is no increased risk of bone loss. With that being said, if you are worried about calcium lost while drinking coffee, this can be mended by adding milk into your drink. Or, and maybe we’re biased, but our lattes might be the perfect fix. 

True or False: Caffeine is addictive

peter griffin gifs Page 3 | WiffleGifVerdict: fake news. We all know someone that says they can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. Regardless, you’ll be happy to hear that there is no actual addiction to caffeine, despite “withdrawal-like symptoms” which can include headaches, fatigue, or drowsiness, these are often the same conditions we use caffeine to inhibit. After a day of symptoms, your body should recalibrate to its normal baseline self. An easier habit to kick than most, it’s easy to ease back into a normal range so you can continue to enjoy the sweet flavors in your lattes.

True or False: Caffeine should not be consumed if pregnant

Verdict: alternative fact, aka false! Despite the media portrayal of caffeine as a crux to those carrying, in normal amounts (300mg), studies have shown there is no link between caffeine intake and birth defects. So if you’re already tasked with bringing new life into this world, and you need a coffee, grab one! A little boost can go a long way. 

True or False: Caffeine should come with age limits

Verdict: partially true. While not suitable for infants, studies have found children to have the same ability to process caffeine as adults with no influence on irritability or attention span. However, much like with anyone drinking caffeine in heavy amounts, it’s always possible to overdo it. Word to the wise, have some fun, enjoy the rush, but make sure you don’t take too much!

With that, we encourage you to get out there and get caffeinated, if you want, of course. At 175mg in Slate, enjoy the energy and rush that can help fuel your mornings, or maybe a midday workout. Crush it, one Slate at a time. Sorry, day, one day at a time. Slate up!


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Written by Cassandra Catesson

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