Slate Spotlight: Juan Manuel Montenegro

In this new series we’re excited to launch, we’re going to be featuring health and fitness-focused Slate drinkers with a look into what they do, and why they choose Slate. 

So, who’s kicking off this new series?

Meet Juan Manuel Montenegro from Miami, Florida. Juan describes himself as a “full time certified personal trainer/athlete.” With over 63K instagram followers, Juan has built his brand on helping clients get closer to their goals. With making a career out of balancing nutrition and fitness to help others work toward becoming the best version of themselves, we had to ask him how Slate fit into his life.

Slate team: First things first, how did you find out about Slate?

“Honestly on Instagram. It was on an ad and I was very curious about the amount of protein it contained.”

Understandable. It’s easy for some instagram ads to seem too good to be true, so if we saw an ad that said lactose free chocolate milk with 0g added sugar and 20g protein, we might need to know more too. 

Slate team: So you found us. Assuming you tried us out, what made you a fan? Why do you drink Slate? 

More than the great taste, Juan has found the appeal of “very high protein” and “low in carbs” to be “perfect” for him. His words, not ours. 

Slate team: Well, now we’re curious. As a fan, you must still have favorites. Which is yours?

“Definitely has to be the mocha because the caffeine really gets me going through my days.” 

Fair, a day in the life of a personal trainer and athlete is certainly demanding and sounds very go-go-go. What better way to stay full and on your feet than with a caffeine kick and some protein to hold you over and boost that energy?

Slate team: Some people need a coffee a day to maintain their busy lifestyles, how would you say Slate fits into your life? 

“Perfectly casual, I drink them on a day-to-day basis. Love my slates.” 

 As one should, why save chocolate milk for moments of delicacy and splendor when you can treat yourself to a healthy snack on a more regular basis. Life’s too short, treat yourself. You deserve it.

Slate team: Awesome. Since you’re big on your Slates, you must have experimented. What’s your favorite way to enjoy Slate? Any new recipes? 

“I add some almond milk and sometimes some ice or some honey just to give it some extra carbs and make it sweeter.” 

Now we know honey and coffee can be a bit controversial, but what’s life without a few risks?

Well, there you have it folks. If Slate can help keep this killer athlete alert and on his feet, imagine what it can do for you. Tune in in two weeks to see which fun new member of the growing Slate family we’ll have next. Wanna try out Slate the way Juan likes it? Check us out below! Maybe even add some honey and let us know if Juan is onto something….


The Slate Milk Squad  

Written by Cassandra Catesson 

Slate Chocolate Milk

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