5 Quick & Easy TikTok Workouts

Working out is a priority in the lives of many, or at least we often want it to be. But a lot of the time, life can get in the way. So we’re going to help you get some exercise without having to worry about your schedule. Today, we’re gonna take a look at 5 Tiktok workout trends and challenges that are quick, easy, and fun!

1. Let’s get low

Push-ups. Never a crowd favorite, but they’re great for your arms, chest, and core. So, how do we make this more fun for everyone? Try this challenge. Starting in a plank position with arms extended, quickly switch between tapping your shoulders left and right to the beat. Next, let’s get in some leg work with mountain climbers, before we finish off with a jumping push-up. Try a few rounds of video taping to see if you’re on beat, and you’ll be sweating and sore and in no time.

2. Twinning!! Or.. not?

Grab a friend and get groovy. This challenge asks you to switch between different songs to see just how similar your dancing moves are to your friend’s. Or, maybe it’s to showcase how unique your dancing styles are... Either way, grab a blindfold, a phone, a friend, turn up the music, and get in that cardio. Maybe you guys are a bit different when it comes to getting down to boom boom pow, but as soon as those Disney songs come out, “we’re all in this together.” 

3. Test your limits

Loosen up a little. Aside from occasionally rotating your head from left to right after sitting at a desk all day, it’s important to stay limber. As we grow older, so do our bodies, so let’s give them the help they need. For this challenge, we’ll be relying on our arms to hold us up, core to balance us out, and legs to.. well, do their best. Start facing a wall. Then, ever so carefully, lift the leg that is easiest to move up onto the wall, creating a 90° between your bottom and top leg. From there, rotate your bottom foot and body in the opposite direction and put your hands on the floor. Now, pushing through your hands into your shoulders, lift your bottom leg off the ground and move it up and over as close to a split as your body allows. Ta-da!! Keep practicing this move, letting gravity do its job to see just how far you can stretch.

4. Hot Girl Walk

If you have yet to see the others, we’re sure you’ve at least heard of this one. The ‘Hot Girl Walk’ is a tribute to oneself and one's goals. Centered around simplicity, this trend is where you take 15 to 30 minutes for yourself to find somewhere, anywhere, and walk. Walking has shown to induce endorphin production while also helping increase heart strength and health. Beach, park, city streets, the choice is yours. While you’re out and about, focus on what you’re grateful for, your goals, and how you’re going to achieve them. Headphones in, head held high, this is the time to consistently work towards a happier, healthier you.

5. Balancing act

Buddy up once more. This fun little trick is one that recently took over Tiktok’s trending page. With one friend planted center, legs apart in a slight squat, have the other person wrap one leg around one of their inner thighs, and lean forward in a superman pose, the other leg completely off the ground. To spice up the act, have you and your partner hold a drink and take a sip. (We recommend an ice cold Slate). However you choose to do it, this exercise allows you to strengthen your calf and thigh muscles if you’re the base, or tighten up that core for the buddy balancing.

So there you have it. A few, new ways to get some fast & fun exercise into your day. Feeling inspired? Tag us in some of your takes on these challenges and the Slate flavor that you bring along for the ride!


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Written by Cassandra Catesson

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