4 Fall Fitness Activities

Autumn, fall, or as it’s best known: sweater weather, is upon us. With fall comes scarves, turtlenecks, and the occasional trench coat moment. Not only is it time to dress up and not sweat through an outfit, it’s also the perfect time to get into cardio-inducing outdoor activities that fit perfectly with cooler weather. So let’s get into it. Here are four fun ways to enjoy fall, get your heart rate up, and maybe even get a sweat in, if you push yourself hard enough…


Speed Golf GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYNow before you say golf is only for bankers and to get on your father-in-law’s good side, it’s actually a great way to get out during cooler months and go for a thoughtful, prolonged walk. Though seemingly a simple task, 18 holes can actually end up being a 5 mile walk with the possibility of burning up to 2000 calories. A great way to practice hand-eye coordination, fall is the perfect time to hit the greens. Skip the cart for an added workout for both your legs and arms as you keep the bag in tow!

Apple Picking

One Doesn't Just Simply THREADBOMB | Page 21 | The Trek BBSWhen not the cause of a Disney princess’ untimely demise, or the end of Eden per some sources, apple picking is a fall classic and great fun for the family, or even a date. When looking for the perfect fruit, you’re actively getting your steps in walking from tree to tree. Once the target has been spotted, it’s time to acquire. Should you find yourself a bit vertically challenged whilst reaching for the prize, partner up! Either work your legs and arms as the base or feel that stretch in your calves as the apple acquirer. A cute challenge, a fun workout, and a memory that’ll last a lifetime.


Aspen Trees GIF - Aspen Trees - Discover & Share GIFsWith summer gone comes the crisp, mosquito-free air of autumn. Take advantage of no longer drenching yourself in the all-too-present scent of citronella. Enjoy the beauty of the changing colors in the trees and the psithurism. What’s this you might ask? Why it’s the sound the wind makes as it moves through trees…. pretty right? Whether up or downhill, you’re bound to recreate that mind-body connection we so often lose behind our screens. Enjoy the leg workout and the meditation that accompanies it. 

Farmers Markets

Fruits In The City GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYIn a world slowly making its way back to normalcy, how better to reconnect with neighbors than in a nearby farmers market. A great way to support local farmers, businesses, and the environment, farmers markets are best in the fall. The temperature allows you to dress cozily while walking around picking out nutrient-rich and seasonal foods to make for you and your family. Another fun perk, it’s apple cider season, whether warm, cold, or with a little added fun, farmers markets make for the perfect backdrop to your first sip of this fall fave. 

So there you have it. Much to look forward to this autumn season. But, just because it’s not sweating season anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still hydrate and replenish your system, especially with all these activities for you to try. Why not up your electrolyte and protein intake than taking us with you on your next hike, or maybe even two for you and your date at your nearest apple orchard?

Fall and winter bring about heavy, warm foods; much needed respite for the cold days ahead. But when you’re feeling something cold, it’s time to grab a Slate. Protein-packed, light-yet-creamy, delicious and refreshing, hit your macro goals and smile as you do it.

Happy fall!

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Written by Cassandra Catesson 

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