Slate Spotlight: Brian Mazza 

Slate Spotlight is back and excited to introduce you to Brian Mazza. Based in New York City, Brian describes himself as a “father and a husband as well as a Health & Wellness Entrepreneur.” Having built up his Instagram to 425k followers, Brian has created a community around his brand HPLT: High Performance Lifestyle Training. Starting from a journey as a D1 soccer star at the University of Rhode Island to having been featured in Men’s Fitness, GQ, Esquire, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox 5, Cheddar, Channel 11, HLN, and The Steve Harvey Show, we had to know more about how Slate fit into his life.  

 Slate team: So, how did you find out about Slate? 

 “I found Slate through a dear friend of mine during the Pandemic. From there we became instant fans of the brand for many different reasons.” Understandable, sharing is caring. How could you not bond with your friends over the gift that is chocolate milk?  Slate team: We gotta know: What made you a fan? Why do you drink Slate?  

In what might be the best answer yet, Brian claims, “I just don’t drink Slate, my whole family drinks Slate. It’s the healthy chocolate milk for my children, and for me it’s my healthy protein on the go drink. It’s clean, it’s refreshing, and it’s 20g of Protein.” Keeping families happy and healthy is what we’re all about. 

Slate team: Given the pandemic was over a year ago, you must have a favorite by now, which is yours? 

“My favorite flavor is Dark Chocolate.” Smooth, strong, sophisticated. For a father of two, husband, athlete, and self-made business owner, we’d argue this is a perfect fit.  

Slate team: As a champion of health and full-time entrepreneur, how would you say Slate fits into your life?  

 “We always have Slate in one of our fridges ready for consumption. It’s a really special product because it can be consumed at any time of the day, especially to give my protein goals. For my children they have it for breakfast and dinner, usually, so we go through it fast.”  

The right way to go about it. Chocolate milk should be more than a special treat. With that kind of lifestyle, why not indulge and meet your nutritional needs? 

Slate team: As a longtime fan, what’s your favorite way to enjoy Slate? 

This business boss man health aficionado enjoys Slate most “during a midday snack, and when [he’s] driving. It’s a very refreshing protein drink, especially when it’s cold.”  Ah yes, the beauty of canned goodness, easy to keep cool and stay fresh. The perfect on-the-go boost. 

So, there it is. If Slate is good enough and even a staple in the life of this mogul, why not add some of this greatness into your life? As with everything, it never hurts to learn from the best. So, take a page out of Brian’s book. As a busy man with a company to run and a family to raise, if Slate saves him time and adds to the health and happiness of his home, imagine what it could do for yours. Try a Slate, maybe the dark chocolate to get inspired. Check us out below!  


The Slate Milk Squad

Written by Cassandra Catesson 

Slate Chocolate Milk



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