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The Different Types of Chocolate Milk

Growing up, drinking chocolate milk meant simply putting Hershey’s syrup in some whole milk, giving it a good ol’ swirl, and sending it down the hatch.  But the older I got, the more this combo was...
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Healthy Cereal Recipe

We all grew up on the classics: Corn flakes, Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops... all those colorful, delicious, candy-like cereal treats that jumpstarted our day with a full tummy and a smile. But as we ...
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Healthy Hot Chocolate Milk Recipe

Is hot chocolate healthy? Well it's certainly delicious... but according to our sources at Fox News and Yahoo, it might not be considered a 'healthy beverage.' With that said, nothing warms the b...
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5 Reasons Why Protein Is So Important

Protein.  I think we can all kind of agree the word 'protein' has a positive connotation. When you hear "protein", you think "good". Kind of like when you hear "sugar," you think "bad", and when y...
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