4 Recipes to Help You Slate Your Way Through Summer

Though spring is technically the era of rebirth and renewal, it’s always a good time to try something new and fun. Summer is hot, Slate is cool. 

Here are four refreshing ways to enjoy Slate and all its chocolatey greatness this summer.

1. Healthy Protein Shake

You just finished a workout. There’s more liquid dripping off your shirt than you’ve seen fall from the sky in quite some time. Thirsty, you immediately want to reach for water. After a sip or two, you hear it. Your stomach is awake and on high alert. So what’s the best way to reward yourself for that hard work? What’s the perfect fix for hydrating and making sure you get all the nutrients your body deserves? Try out this recipe of our favorite protein shake to cool down, protein up, and quench that summer thirst.

2. Slate Irish Espresso Mudslide

Now hold on! We know what you’re thinking. Irish Espresso Mudslide? How is that a summer drink? We’ll raise you one. If you’re old enough to drink a mudslide, and we’re all adults here, who’s to say you can’t have a protein rich mudslide when you want one? It’s hardly fair to reserve this one for that one day in March you get to dress up in green and watch the parades in town. Instead of waiting to find gold at the end of the rainbow, hit the jackpot with this smooth and chocolatey delight. Perfect for summer nights sitting by the bonfire or late nights with friends, check this recipe out today. 

3. Cereal, but Healthified?

Happy Eating GIF - Happy Eating Cereal GIFs | Lol, 21 things, Cool gifs

It’s hot. You’re hungry. You’re craving a breakfast classic. Oatmeal and pancakes are feeling a bit too heavy. Smoothies just aren’t hitting the spot. It’s a lazy day, and your breakfast should match that mood. So, what else to choose but that old school classic, a bowl of cereal? Now, the jury is still out on the right way to go about it, households have been divided… Does the milk go in first? The cereal? Whichever way you choose, the one thing we can agree on is a protein rich bowl of goodness is a great spin on this classic. Check out this recipe to discover a high protein delicious cereal and, even better, the cereal milk left behind. 

4. Slate Pops

When’s the last time you heard that music from that fun little van driving down your street? Still not sure what we’re talking about? Imagine yellow Spongebob’s on a stick but with gumball eyes: one where it should be and the other where we’d imagine his jaw should be. Now you see it? Yeah, we haven’t seen it in a while either, but we still want a dose of that childhood nostalgia. We give to you… Slate Pops. Simply pour into a mold, place in the freezer, pull out, and enjoy. If you’re feeling fancy, try blending in some banana or strawberries for some added yum. The best part is, this dessert is low sugar and lactose free. You can even get creative with the shape like we did. Fun and easy, the way summer should be. 

So there ya have it. Versatility is key, and as you can see, Slate is easily integrated into your everyday activities. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite Slate summer sweetness.

Have any recipes you think we should try? Send your concoctions to drink@slatemilk.com

The Slate Milk Squad  

Written by Cassandra Catesson 

Slate Chocolate Milk

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