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Get 15% OFF
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Chocolatey Greatness

Is there anything tastier than a cold glass of chocolate milk? Yeah, a cold can of Slate Chocolate Milk. From our smooth chocolate, to our rich creamy dark, to our chocolate caffeine espresso, we made everything about your favorite drink better.

0g Added Sugar

“SUGAR IS THE ENEMY.” This phrase was famously yelled by our founder Manny in our Kickstarter video. And it could not be more true. Our milk has 0g added sugar so you can enjoy it guilt-free, with a smile on your face.

Lactose Free

You need to FEEL GOOD about what you put into your body, both when looking at the nutritional label and 30 minutes after you’re done chugging. That’s why we ultra-filter out those stubborn lactose sugars from our milk. So keep crushing your day, we got you covered.

Classic Taste, Modern Vibe

We wanted to make our favorite childhood drink better. And we did just that. With 20g of protein and 1-4g net carbs, this delicious, nutritious chocolate milk is made for those trying to be a little bit healthier, without sacrificing great taste.
Victoria G.

The best protein drink I have EVER had! Tastes just like chocolate milk.

Jackson M.

This is some of the best chocolate milk you will find.

Carolyn B.

I legit have been drinking one of these everyday. I’m in love with the taste and texture.

Chocolate Milk

12 pack - $35.99

Dark Chocolate Milk

12 pack - $35.99

Espresso Chocolate Milk

12 pack - $35.99

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