Why Protein Chocolate Milk is the Perfect Post Workout Drink

What makes the perfect post workout drink?

Is it about taste?

Does it need to be satisfying?

How many grams of protein are required?

Protein Chocolate Milk

We think all three questions above are extremely important when crafting the perfect post workout drink.

That’s why… if we HAD to pick one… one high protein, delicious, filling post workout drink… we’d go with our forever favorite: chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk after a workout checks all the boxes… and then some.

Let’s start with protein.


Every person’s body is unique and should be treated as such, but overall, fitness experts recommend getting at least 20g of protein after a workout.

It’s also important to note that this protein should be consumed within 30-45 minutes of finishing that workout to repair and build the muscles that are in recovery mode.

Now you’re probably wondering, do all chocolate milks have 20g of protein?

Unfortunately, only specific types of chocolate milk are able to get that much protein packed into a single serving.

To put it simply, milk in general has about 8g of protein per serving (1 cup). However, due to a process called ultra-filtration, milk-makers can now filter out all that bad stuff in milk like sugar (aka lactose), and replace it with MORE protein.

That means the final product you’re getting can have 20g of protein, be 100% lactose free, and have little to no sugar. All while being natural, non-GMO, nut-free, and gluten-free.

No, you’re not dreaming.

High Protein Chocolate Milk

OK time to make sure our chocolate milk is satisfying.


I don’t know about you… but after a workout I want to fill my stomach. I want to be satisfied, I mean after all… we earned it. Didn’t we?

Therefore we think the perfect post workout drink should be able to replace breakfast, a healthy snack, a bar, etc. Crush a workout, chug a protein drink, and continue on with your day. That’s the goal.

And that’s why we choose chocolate milk post workout.

An 11oz, single-serving of ultra-filtered chocolate milk not only has 20g of protein, but can be anywhere between 100-150 calories depending on the flavor.

So instead of grabbing that bag of chips, pretzels, candy, or sports drink loaded with sugar, you can get that same craving filled, with a serving of high protein chocolate milk.

Speaking of cravings… should we get to taste!?


The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

It doesn’t matter how many grams of protein are in your post workout protein drink.

It doesn’t matter how satisfying your post workout protein drink is.

NONE OF IT MATTERS… if you don’t enjoy what you put into your body post workout.

Slate Chocolate Milk

And that’s what makes chocolate milk so special.

Rich, creamy, chocolatey, indulgent. Chocolate milk puts a smile on your face like nothing else. It’s that nostalgic treat we all loved as kids, and never thought we’d be back frequently drinking as adults.

SO, next time you’re looking for the perfect post workout drink, look no further.

High protein chocolate milk is the best. Well at least in our opinion…

Try some today!



The Slate Milk Squad

High Protein Chocolate Milk

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