Why Espresso Chocolate Milk?

Things we love: Chocolate Milk and Coffee.

Espresso Chocolate Milk

Things we don't love: Lactose, sugar, syrup - all the things that make our two favorite drinks unhealthy.

Espresso Chocolate Milk

Let's start with chocolate milk.

The most frustrating part of this delicious beverage is all that unnecessary sugar, and the fact that like half the time we drink it we get tummy aches that make time stop moving. Yeah… that’s the lactose in there. We discovered that the hard way.

And coffee.

Let’s be honest, there’s no way in heck we're surviving a full day without one, two, seven, eight cups of coffee. Ok fine, nine cups MAX. But if we're drinking so much of it, shouldn't it have added benefits? Maybe some protein? Electrolytes? A vitamin or two?

So we have two great things on their own… chocolate milk, and coffee. Both have a huge impact on our day, both put a smile on our face.

Why not make them into one?

Espresso Chocolate Milk

Well, we kinda did. Didn't see that one coming did you?

At Slate, we created Espresso Chocolate Milk, which is a low sugar chocolate milk with 150mg caffeine. It tastes like a chocolate milk (the kind that makes you go “mmmmmm” after every sip) and hits like 2 cups of coffee on a Sunday morning. PLUS it’s lactose free... which legit saves our lives.

What else do you need?

So whether it’s for breakfast as a caffeinated shake, or 3pm to keep ya full until dinner, you gotta try our Espresso Chocolate Milk. It’s fantastic. 

And we're not biased. We're Slate.


The Slate Milk Squad

Espresso Chocolate Milk

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