What's the Best Lactose Free Milk?

Have you been trying to find a lactose free milk that actually tastes good?

Are you tired of high sugar lactose free milks that lack protein and proper health benefits?

Well look no further.

We’re going to show you the most popular lactose free milk options on the market in terms of taste and nutrition, and tell you which one we think is best.
But first…

What IS lactose free milk? Can it still be dairy? 

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Lactose free milk is any type of milk that does not contain lactose, a sugar found naturally in dairy milk.

However, a common misconception is that lactose free milk cannot be dairy milk. 

That’s not true.

By adding the lactase enzyme to dairy milk, you can actually break down the lactose sugars and create a lactose free dairy milk.

Lactase is a digestive enzyme that can also be taken in pill form by lactose intolerant folks before consuming dairy products!

Point being, a lot of lactose free milk options don’t have to be non-dairy milks such as oat or almond, but we’ll get to that shortly.

So now that you know what lactose is and how to get rid of it, let’s jump into the best lactose free milk options on the market today.

1. Ultrafiltered Milk

Sounds complicated... it’s not! Ultra-filtered milk is a process in which dairy milk goes through an ultra-filtration machine that can completely control how much lactose, sugar, and protein goes into the final milk product.

For example, say you want to get rid of all the lactose in milk, cut sugars from 12g to 1g, and more than double the protein from 8g to 20g, simply set your ultrafiltration machine to formulate your milk and voila, you’ve got a high protein, low sugar, lactose free milk.

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Once you’ve worked out the nutritionals, you can get creative with your flavors! Ultrafiltered milk can come in chocolate, dark chocolate, mocha (with caffeine), you name it!

Check it out here

2. Nut Milk

Nut milks are, well obviously, milks that are made from nuts. The process of making nut milk involves soaking nuts in water for a long period of time, then blending and straining the mixture.

Some of the most popular nut milks on the market today are:

  • Almond Milk

  • Cashew Milk

  • Coconut Milk

Other nut milks include walnut, peanut, macadamia, and even hazelnut! Nut milks can also come in a variety of flavors so that you can find the perfect one for you.

All nut milks are lactose free, however, be sure to check the nutritionals, as many nut milks contain a high amount of sugar and/or fat.

3. Oat Milk

Another lactose free milk option comes from oats. Oat milk is made using a similar process to nut milk, but is completely nut free for those with nut allergies or sensitivity.

Oat milk contains slightly more protein and less sugar than nut milk on average, but is still not comparable to ultrafiltered milk in terms of nutritionals.

Here is a chart that compares Slate ultrafiltered chocolate flavored milk, to almond, oat, and even regular chocolate milk (that contains lactose).

As you can see, ultrafiltered milk has WAY more protein than its competitors, and significantly less sugar.

It is also the only lactose free milk on the list that is technically ‘keto friendly’ because of its total net carb count.

And that’s why the best lactose free milk option in our opinion is…


Ultrafiltered milk can be controlled, modified, and formulated perfectly for the customer.

That means a high protein, low sugar, lactose free milk that can be consumed as a breakfast boost, healthy snack, or post workout.

Our favorite? I mean... it’s gotta be Slate… 

So next time you’re looking for a lactose free milk option that tastes good AND is good for you, give it a try.


The Slate Milk Squad

Ultra-filtered Milk

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