Vanilla Strawberry Protein Ice Cream Recipe⁠

Looking for better ways to use your ice cream maker? Need a better reason to buy an ice cream maker? Check out this delicious, refreshing, high protein ice cream recipe that will CHANGE YOUR SUMMER.

Vanilla Strawberry Protein Ice Cream Recipe⁠

courtesy of: @scottyscheller⁠


- 1 can French Vanilla Slate 
- 200g strawberries ⁠
- 2 packets stevia ⁠
- 7 grams sugar free cheesecake instant pudding mix ⁠


  1. Blend it all together, pour into a freezer-safe container (save tsp of Slate)

  2. Freeze for 24 hours⁠

  3. Add to your ice cream maker and spin on sorbet ⁠

  4. Remove and add the tsp of Slate and then re-spin ⁠

  5. Add your extra strawberries on top, and you're ready to go⁠!

That looks DELICIOUS, thank you Scotty!



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