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The holiday season is upon us. Which leaves everyone with the same dilemma: What do I get as a gift? Dad doesn’t need another pair of new socks. Your mom wasn’t kidding when she saw that scarf and said “Aw, you didn’t have to do that.” So let’s make life a bit easier this year, for everybody. Here are a few fun and healthy ideas to help you get back on your in-laws' good side.

Healthy Subscriptions

What's Your Funniest Cooking Fail Ever?

No, not to magazines, to food! Someone you know trying to get into a healthier meal routine? Why not gift them with a subscription to a grocery delivery service that drops off healthy pre-planned meal kits? Between HelloFresh, BlueApron, and more, you can help someone hit their new year goals and have some fun cooking in the process. Not looking for the full commitment? Ease up with something a little more fun and adventurous like UniversalYums, the gift that brings snacktime to you from around the world. Got a protein fanatic at home? Slate’s subscription might be just what they’re looking for. Bring home the bacon this holiday, (but healthier).

Bring the Gym Home

Baby Workout GIFs | Tenor

We all have at least one fitness fanatic in our lives, someone who we know is going to make it their New Year’s resolution. So why not help them on their journey? Much like meal prep, it can actually be easy to make a quick a la carte kit. Yoga mats are the perfect medium for stretching and floor workouts. Paired with yoga blocks and balls, you’ve just created a multifunctional workout for the family. Wanna add some intensity? Spring for a few resistance bands to really seal the deal. Nothing says you support someone in their pursuit of fitness more than helping them get started.

Take a… Bath?

Bath GIF | GfycatIt can be hard to find time to relax, especially during this time of year. So let’s make it easier. A gift for anybody and everybody, a bath-kit could be just what the doctor ordered. What goes into this? Glad you asked. Tried and true bath bombs are great for those of all ages, but what better way to get a two for one than with Dr. Teals Lavender Bathbombs? Lavender has been documented to be a calming agent that can help with sleep, digestive issues, and even used as an antiseptic. Better yet, these bombs have epsom salt in them to help with exercise recovery, soreness, pain, and swelling. Top this off with a dry brush to improve circulation and stimulate the nervous system, and voila! 

So there ya have it, a few fun ways to quickly inspire your friends and family and ensure your gift won’t be the one regifted. And of course, if you’re looking for that perfect stocking stuffer or treat, why not add Slate into the mix? Don’t know if your giftee likes chocolate or vanilla? Try ‘em both! Happy holidays and have fun shopping!  


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Written by Cassandra Catesson

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