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Well, we’re officially into the depths of the winter season. And with that, comes shorter and colder days. It’s easy to want to just curl up under the covers until spring comes. BUT, it’s extremely important to take care of both your physical and mental health this winter.

Because when the days get dark by 4pm and the temp starts dropping... those winter blues can really affect our overall well being. But have no fear; we’re coming at you with some tips and tricks to help your mind and body during these darker times.

Here are our 5 ways to combat winter blues:

1. Stay active, even when it’s colder.

Ogres have layers, onions have layers. Get it? Shrek reference? Cool. 

Layer up and get outside! Your body NEEDS the sun. Why? It starts with that sweet sweet Vitamin D. 

We won’t get too boring on ya but Vitamin D helps fight disease, reduces depression, even contributes to weight loss.

Now let’s get to physical activity. Yes, it’s colder outside. But how do we get warm? Move, move, move. Start and don’t stop til you’re sweating! Whether it’s walking, running, jumping, laughing, (yes, even laughing to flex those abs), physical activity benefits you in more ways than you can ever imagine.

And just think about how good that warm sun feels on your face. As someone who didn’t leave the house for a week straight one time… I highly recommend it.

2. Cook some delicious, high protein, healthy food.

Is it just us or is everyone an experimental chef these days? Thanks to Buzzfeed and Tasty amazing recipes are not only easy to find, they’re easy to share with everyone you know! (For better or worse).

But finding the balance between taste & health (A Slate specialty if I say so myself), is a little more complex.

We are HEAVY on protein. Why? Because it’s literally backed by science

healthy winter habits

Check out these high protein recipes! Not only will you have a blast cooking, dancing, and jamming out to your fav tunes, you’ll get to ENJOY what you make, and do your body a solid.

3. Try NEW things.

Scary, we know. I tried this back workout the other day and couldn’t walk for a week… maybe I was doing it wrong…

ANYWAY - this is one for your mental. Try new activities, especially during the winter when your usual routine is limited. It could be anything! New workouts, new sports, new foods, new chocolatey cocktails (had to sneak that one in there), new games, new books.

You’re gonna laugh at this one but trying new things is ALSO backed by science...

It stimulates creativity, helps overcome anxiety, and overall widens your palate to all the great things out there you have yet to explore.

SO, in conclusion, winter isn’t all that bad. You just gotta push yourself a little more to get outside, step out of your comfort zone, and get into a groove.
And it starts with taking care of your physical and mental health.
You got this.


The Slate Milk Squad

Written by Sam Okrasinski, Contributing Author

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