Why did you stop drinking chocolate milk?

Do you love the taste of chocolate milk? Yeah, us too.

Then why did we stop drinking it? Was it because we ‘grew up?’ Because chocolate milk is a kids’ drink? Or was it because of our lactose intolerance? (65% of the world). Or maybe the insane amount of sugar?

But chocolate milk has insanely GOOD qualities too. It’s super high in protein for building and repairing muscles. It’s filled with electrolytes to keep our bodies hydrated. It’s got Vitamin D, B, C, Calcium, you name it!

That’s why in 2017, our co-founders Josh and Manny decided to take the GREATEST DRINK EVER, and give it a fresh start. This is chocolate milk’s clean slate.

This is chocolate milk’s
clean slate.

We did it!!!

It wasn’t easy. It took a LONG time. A lot of tears were shed. Many hearts were broken. But after research and trials and more taste testing that you could ever imagine (which was awesome, no complaints there) the Slate team accomplished their goal. Creating an all-natural, better-for-you, high protein, lactose free chocolate milk that you could drink every single day. Oh… and IT TASTES AMAZING.

We could not be more excited to share it with you.

What do people think of our milk?

Less Sugar

“SUGAR IS THE ENEMY.” This phrase was famously yelled by our founder Manny in our Kickstarter video. It could not be more true. That’s why our milk has 75% LESS SUGAR than regular chocolate milk. So you can drink it guilt-free, with a smile on your face.

More Protein

It’s time to FUEL UP and crush your day. Whether it’s to kickstart your morning, keep you grinding in the afternoon, or as a pre or post workout, our chocolate milk has 17g of high protein to build and repair your muscles. Stay strong, pony boy.

100% Lactose Free

Our chocolate milk was crafted to make you FEEL GOOD about what you put in your body. So we filter out every last drop of lactose to make sure that when you drink Slate Milk, you feel happy and healthy.

What are you waiting for?

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